Filming in Thailand “Tsunami” The Aftermath.

Filming in Thailand “Tsunami” The Aftermath. I am a bit of a video hobbyist. One of the things that makes life difficult for a video hobbyist in Thailand is that the government has blocked youtube here and I can’t really show any of my work. However, I can talk about some fascinating things that happenedContinue reading “Filming in Thailand “Tsunami” The Aftermath.”

Mooning the Cog and other “traditional” hiking story

In the white mountains of New Hampshire, they not only boast the worst weather in the world, but traditions are important to the New Englanders living there. On top of Mt. Washington (the highest point in northeastern US) there is a weather station that is manned year round to monitor and show the world theContinue reading “Mooning the Cog and other “traditional” hiking story”

Zip stove story from the AT in Connecticut.

Interesting story that happened to me on the AT in Connecticut back in 91: (or maybe it was ’95?) I was staying near the shelter just after Kent, CT named Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-to and this guy was staying there with his 3 kids, the youngest being a little girl about 4 or 5. WhileContinue reading “Zip stove story from the AT in Connecticut.”

5 Dollar Frank

This is one of the many stories about $5 Frank from Fayetteville, WV. He owned the Fayetteville airport there for many years and flew tourists for as cheap as $5 to sightsee the famous New River Arch Bridge in the area. This is the longest or deepest arch bridge in the world and closes downContinue reading “5 Dollar Frank”

Short Band stories

Mostly through the seventies and 80’s, I played in a rock and roll band.   Many interesting stories have been told over the years,  I’ll try to keep it clean and tell you a few of them.       The time we had an attempted robbery on our speakers WHILE WE WERE PLAYING!     We wereContinue reading “Short Band stories”

10 Commandments for Ultra-lite Backpacking

Fiddlehead’s 10 commandments for light weight hiking on the AT. (Appalacian Trail) in answer to the question: “So what are your 10 commandments for UL hiking?” 1/ Every item shall be used daily or it shall be left behind. 2/ All of your life you must search for anything out there in the world thatContinue reading “10 Commandments for Ultra-lite Backpacking”