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About Me

I’m an adventurer with mostly backpacking experience. I’ve thru-hiked the “Triple Crown” of hiking in the US: Appalachian Tail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail As well as “The Long Trail, and Colorado Trail. After that, I went international and have now hiked in 23 countries, including Sweden, New Zealand, Tasmania, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia (Borneo), and many others.
Other adventures: White water kayaking (have paddled more than 30 rivers in the USA. I also thru-hiked the 1400 km “Via Dinarica White Trail”

Traveling the world:

In ’91/’92 I started in Ireland and (along with a friend) hitchhiked, rode trains, busses, cars, boats and walked all the way to Sidney Austrailia, including traversing Russia on the TransSiberian train, Driving over the Himalaya in a Land Rover (Mt Everest in Tibet on Christmas Day!), and crewing on a yacht from Singapore to Broome, Austrailia. (then hitchhiking across the outback of Australia)

I’m also a musician and play multiple instruments and play in a few bands: Reggae, Rock, Blues, and Acoustic Duo.

I’m more of a “Do-er” than a “Watcher” (even now in my 70’s, I’m exploring the mountains of Phuket while we are in partial lockdown here) And as you’ll see from my blog entries, I recorded 100 music song covers in 100 days last year and put them to video of many of my hiking trips.

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