Amanpuri Beach

I’m not sure if that’s the name of this one, as there are 2 resorts on the beach, both very impressive and high-end places to stay. I believe the Amanpuri has the reputation for being the most prestigious. I’ve heard stories that the staff there is taught not to make eye contact with the guests. Not sure I would like that as I always like to have conversations with the staff and the higher-end places seem to have the ones who speak the best English.

To get to this beach, I had to scramble along the rocks along the shore as it’s all private land with signs to try to keep people away. But the beaches and rocks next to the sea are public lands.
Today, it was only me and Thai fisheman on the rocks between Surin beach and Amanpuri.

After about 15 minutes of rock scrambling (I love doing that part), I arrived to find another empty, yet so beautiful beach.

Amanpuri Beach 440 meters long

The first resort was under some serious renovation. I believe this one is called “The Surin”. Then the famous “Amanpuri Resort” which had some cool looking beach toys laying around, but only 2 guests, who were busy taking selfies and didn’t even notice me (maybe they thought I was the staff that wouldn’t look them in the eye anyway LOL)

Looks like a very beautiful resort and I was enjoying being there as usual.

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