AoSane’s East/Jungle Beach

The next day, I stayed close to home and decided to measure Ao Sane’s 2 beaches. Ao Sane is a small, rustic, old-style resort where you can still rent small bungalows right on the beach. They are a bit run down, however. 2 beaches of note here. As you come down the steep entrance hill, the beach right in front of you is the bigger one. 

To the right of this beach is the restaurant (good food) and a continuation of the east beach, past some bungalows, up over a small hill, and then down to “Jungle Beach” (one of my favorites). This beach is on the border boundary between Ao Sane and Baan Krating resort (3 stars) and has some of the best snorkeling around (at high tide). 

AoSane’s East beach 129 meters Jungle Beach 47 meters

(Normally I don’t include beaches that are less than 100 meters, but this is a good one for snorkeling.

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