Banana Beach

Continuing with my quest to measure all the beaches (west coast anyway) of Phuket after a long break, I finally got back to the task. Because back in late November 2020, while trying to get around the rocky peninsula to measure the beach at the high end “Trisara Resort” I fractured a small bone in my knee. So, I have been behaving and sitting around waiting for it to heal. I think it’s pretty good again, so, after 3 months off, back to measuring: Today, I drove up and measured both Banana Beach and Naithon Beach

Banana Beach is a small, local beach and a lovely place with a refreshment stand (small restaurant down on the beach) I ordered a mixed fruit shake and said I’d be right back. Because this beach is only 180 meters long, it only took about 5 minutes or so to walk it and come back.

Banana Beach 170 meters long

The lady there said, this is a local beach and they love it there. I can see why. There were a few small groups of people and a small family on the south end (lots of rocks in the middle of Banana beach), of the beach and I noticed he had a kayak. I might try to rent it from him as I still haven’t been able to get to Trisara. This is a lovely place and I felt very comfortable here.

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