Lockdown Videos by me

What have you been doing during “Lockdown”??? I’m one that get’s bored easily.  So I knew I had to come up with something constructive for my time without being able to travel.Since I consider myself a musician, besides being a hiker and traveler, I decided to fulfill a lifetime goal of getting my music coversContinue reading “Lockdown Videos by me”

Jamming with the Aboriginals in Oz

Having done a lot of world wide travel in my life (especially from 1989 to 2004), I am sometimes asked about my best experience. Of course, there have been so many great experiences and some of them I have written about.     I don’t like that word “Best”, as it implies other times areContinue reading “Jamming with the Aboriginals in Oz”

LOSO Concert last night at Phuket Brewery

My favorite rock & roll band in Thailand played last night at the newly opened Phuket Brewery across from Tesco Lotus. 2 of my good friends and fellow rock and roll lovers, Kim and Cathy went along with me.  I had checked the website for the newest venue for hosting big groups, the Phuket BreweryContinue reading “LOSO Concert last night at Phuket Brewery”