New Zealand hiking Jan/Feb 2020

This country has been on my list for quite a few years now but didn’t get the chance to hike it with anyone I knew until 2 of my good long distance hiking friends from the US told me they were going. Jan/Feb is not a good time for me to get away but, IContinue reading “New Zealand hiking Jan/Feb 2020”

My thru-hike of Sweden’s: Kungsleden Trail

The Kungsleden Trail, or “King’s Trail” in Swedish, has been on my list for some time.  (My list keeps growing from all the people I meet, and their stories of other trails each time I hike though) I hiked it just after the Midsummer’s Day, which is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden, whichContinue reading “My thru-hike of Sweden’s: Kungsleden Trail”