Hyatt Regency Beach

On the north side of the peninsula dividing Kalim from Kamala, on a stretch that I’ve often heard called “Million Dollar Mile” or “Millionaires’ Mile”, there is a nice beach that I will call the “Hyatt Regency Beach” since it’s right across the street from the hotel/resort of that name.

This beach is divided in 2 by a huge pile of big rocks. I named the one to the south, or west, Hyatt small south and it is 84 meters long (@ low tide)

Hyatt Regency Beaches: Smaller West Beach: 84 meters. Larger East beach: 435 meters

I really did think this was a lovely little spot as it had a small Muslim family enjoying the sand and water on this day.
The larger proportional beach on the other side of the rocks was much longer and even had a few houses right on the beach. 

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