Kamala Beach

This beach was much longer than I would’ve guessed. I’ve often been to the south end of Kamala beach, as there’s usually a little “Mom & Pop” street-food spot where I’ve eaten many times. The fishermen hang out around here too and were here this day as usual. I parked here and started jogging.

Once again, quite empty, for such a beautiful day. Surf school was open though, and a few jet skis were trying, but only a few small Thai families and fishermen (and me) on the long beach today.

Kamala beach length 2.1 kms

At the north end, after all the businesses trying to sell you food, drinks, or souvenirs, or a massage, there is then a long Muslim cemetery which makes it feel much more remote. And then a few 4 and 5-star resorts at the northern end. Had a nice talk with an American man who was hanging out on the rocks there, before I headed back. And then, before I got on my bike to head home, I spotted some guys building a long tail boat out of steel channel bars. I’ve seen lots of boats being built, but never in this style with this material. I would think it would be quite lightweight. 

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