Karon Beach

This is a long one so I planned a lot of time. Found out it is 3.7 km long. Only saw 5 people and 3 dogs in those 3.7 and 5 more (2 the same people) on the way back.

Until the end. At the north end, there is a fairly new 5 star resort: Centara Grand Beach Resort, and they had their staff out cleaning the beach and a few guests swimming.

A long time ago (17 years ago?) I lived in a little shack at the south end of this beach on the rocks.

Karon Beach length 3.7 kms

It was great and of course, the tsunami took it away but I used to run this beach every day in training for a long run I did back in the states that year. John Muir Trail. Somehow I used to think it was 3 miles long and I’d run it twice a day. But now I know it’s 3.7 kms each way but seems a little harder to run 18 years later! LOL.

Afterward I checked out the football stadium they had built back when i lived nearby, only to see that it was in bad need of repair and it’s a shame as they cut off a lot of people’s sea view to building it.

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