KataNoi beach

Just south of Kata beach is the smaller “Kata Noi” beach. (“noi” meaning “small” in Thai language). You must enter in the middle as this is the only legal beach access unless you are a guest of KataThani resort. Many would think that the resort controls all the beach access, but there is a small alleyway in the middle that is considered public land and access.

Again the tide was quite high. I went from a sign on the south end that said: Kata Rocks to the steps to Mama Tri’s famous restaurant on the north end.

KataNoi Beach Length .75 kms

I saw a few fishermen until it started to drizzle, and a lot of people working at KataThani Resort which surprised me a bit but then I remembered that it is the weekend and Thai people travel on the weekends and take advantage of a government deal that pays them 600 baht a night I believe towards their hotel accommodation. But it sure looked empty of tourists.

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