Laem Sing Beach

Next up is a beach I’ve never been to before and wasn’t sure how to get there as there was a sign and a security guard at the trailhead saying “Private Land, Keep Out!” I stopped and talked to the guard and he told me the trail is closed but the beach is open and there’s a trail from Surin beach. Great! After taking a picture of the Laem Sing beach from the lookout there, I went down to Surin beach’s north end and started along the rocks and after 60 or 70 meters, found the trail. I loved it.

Laem Sing Beach 340 meters long

There was a small restaurant along the way, it was closed of course but there were a few fishermen there.

I arrived at the beach after about a 15-minutes hike to find this awesome beach, uncluttered by footsteps and a very natural setting. My kind of place. (work to get there, and oftentimes, you’ll have it to yourself). On the southern end, there is a small trail that leads to another, smaller beach, that can give you, even more, seclusion if that’s what you’re here for.

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