Layan/Mai Khao

I always thought that these were 2 separate beaches, but found out the hard way that they are one long continuous beach. The reason I say: “the hard way” is because I did this one before band practice nearby to the northern end of Layan beach. Got there an hour early on a day that was NOT supposed to rain. 15% chance of scattered thunderstorms. Well, about halfway there, the deluge started and didn’t really let up for the next 5 hours!

But I was committed as it is so far from where I live and had band practice anyway. The further I jogged southbound on this day, the more beach I could see in the distance without a break. Wooh! this was going to take a while.

Distance of Mai Khao beach (and Layan included): 5.5kms. (longest one so far)

One thing about rain, it lets you have the beaches to yourself. I saw only 3 or 4 others on the beach this day. And a few fishermen and women calling it quits as the rain wasn’t going to let up it seemed.

About halfway through the run, you figure out that it’s the whole Laguna complex with it’s many 5 star resorts and villas on the beachfront and of course, no trespassing signs everywhere. So, there’s no getting out to quit.

I called into band practice and said I might be late.
One thing I noticed, there were many dead and bloated puffer fish today. Big ones too. I counted 11 of them in all. I wonder why? The seas have been rough lately but no other dead fish washed up. Only puffer fish.

After I got to the end, there was a 4 star resort there that I asked security if I could cut through their property. He showed me a gate to an alley. But the gate was only about 5′ high. With my baseball cap pulled low to protect my glasses from the rain, I hit the top jamb and it knocked me right down. Oh well. I was an hour late for practice as I had to run all the way back also. Distance of Mai Khao beach (and Layan included): 5.5kms. (longest one so far)

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