Meridian Beach, Freedom Beach and Merlin Beach (JW Marriott)

Very eventful day today as I set out this morning to measure another beach: Meridian beach, which is a 5 star resort that has a lot of security. So, how to get in? (beaches are public but access is not)

Tried a trail or 2 that was on my topo map, no good. So, I went over to Patong and then to Freedom Beach. Long, muddy trail down to the beach where I was surprised to find another guy there. Freedom Beach 285 m

Freedom Beach 285 m

So now, can I get to Meridian from here? It’s only about 2 kms and looks like it might be possible along the rocks.

It was doable for a while, and on the way, I found another beach I called “Secret” beach, there are a lot of these little hidden gems but often times they are only accessible from the sea.

A little while later, I came across a shipwreck! Thought at first that it was a tent and would be on Meridian beach, but no, I was only about halfway when I got to it.

With the engine about 3 meters away.

Continuing on, it got steep and dangerous. I needed all of my rock climbing skills with fingerholds, and footing was OK until I hit the wet rock as the tide was coming in.

So, I hit the jungle for the last 2 km. Took me 4 1/2 hours in all but I finally made it after a lot of bushwhacking and rock climbing. Was a very welcomed sight to see when I finally got there.

Meridian Beach! 330 meters long.

I was able to walk right out, past the security with just a “Swadikop”. Stopped for some water and walked out to the main road where I stuck out my thumb and the first truck stopped and took me all the way back to my motorbike, even though he didn’t speak English (and my Thai is poor).

On the way home, I took a wrong turn and ended up near the JW Marriott which I know has its own beach. I tried the rocky road I know about to the left and it took me right there.

A few girls were doing the picture thing but that didn’t stop me.

JW Marriott’s Merlin Beach 310 meters.

So, 3 beaches today and lots of work.

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