New ways to save money

I posted ways to save money before here but came up with some new ones for the new decade since the recession has seemed to turn into a depression and jobs and money continue to be a challenge for us all.   So, there is more desperation which calls for MORE DESPERATE MEASURES!    Here are some ideas that will hopefully help you.  (Many of them are probably much healthier than the life you lead now also.)

Walk more or ride a bike to work

Collect soda cans you find along the road.  They are worth money.

Learn to fish.  I’m sure you heard the saying: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day,  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.  (In Thailand, they eat the guts, head, and everything except the bones which they feed to the dog).

Get rid of your tv (you don’t need tv AND  internet) get rid of the more destructive one

Get a motorcycle and a good set of long underwear, a facemask, helmet liner, warm socks and gloves.

Don’t eat snacks at night  (I’m hungry but there’s no way i am going to eat right now at 4AM)

My neighbor is cheap: she has a fire going everynight outside to cook her dinner.   She picks up every scrap of cardboard, every newspaper she finds, and saves and sells them to the scrap dealer,   she finds old thrown out, ripped up tarps and sews covers out of them to cover her junk that she is saving for the scrap man to come around.

Take up hobbies that don’t cost much: hiking, back country skiing, bicycle, jogging, swimming (lakes), volleyball, badminton, tennis, yard-sale-ing (especially selling, not necessarily buying)

Switch to instant coffee or lipton black tea

Join the library, read more (for free) learn something in the process.

Take up photography (instead of watching tv perhaps?) it’s almost a free hobby anymore  (unless you obsess with the newest cameras/software)

Learn to ebay (it’s a sellers market, especially now in the recession)

Buy all your clothes at thrift stores

Drink more water

Plant a garden (start a compost pile to give it a boost)

Plant a fruit tree for the future (it can become your breakfast)

My wife told me a new one today: When you think you finally have ALL the toothpaste out of the tube, then cut it in half and squeeze another brushing out of it.

More to come.