Patong Beach

This is the jewel of Phuket I guess. As a local, we almost never go here. It’s usually full of thousands of tourists, touts everywhere, tuk tuk mafia not allowing you to park anywhere, etc. But today, during the Covid19, It’s a beautiful, uncrowded, clean yet decorated beach.

Today, it was decorated up for something. But no tourists. I saw a few Thai fishermen, plenty of lifeguards sitting around bored, 3 people swimming and lots of artwork to make it a lovely, clean beach.

When I finished my up and back jog, the long tail fishermen were coming in with their catch. And the women were setting up to sell it, there on the sidewalk.

It certainly appeared like the beach was being decorated up for some kind of festival, but no tourists??? I wish them luck. These are tough times for anyone in the tourist industry. We are lucky to be here to see this without all the buses, crowds, cruise ships, etc.

Patong Beach length 2.82 kms

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