Phuket’s Beaches

Exploring and measuring Phuket’s beaches.


Very eventful day today as I set out this morning to measure another beach: Meridian beach, which is a 5 star resort that has a lot of security. So, how to get in? (beaches are public but access is not)


This is a long one so I planned a lot of time. Found out it is 3.7 km long. Only saw 5 people and 3 dogs in those 3.7 and 5 more (2 the same people) on the way back. Until the end. At the north end, there is a fairly new 5 star resort: Centara Grand Beach Resort, and they had their staff out cleaning the beach and a few guests swimming.


This beach was much longer than I would’ve guessed. I’ve often been to the south end of Kamala beach, as there’s usually a little “Mom & Pop” street-food spot where I’ve eaten many times. The fishermen hang out around here too and were here this day as usual. I parked here and started jogging.


On the north side of the peninsula dividing Kalim from Kamala, on a stretch that I’ve often heard called “Million Dollar Mile” or “Millionaires’ Mile”, there is a nice beach that I will call the “Hyatt Regency Beach” since it’s right across the street from the hotel/resort of that name.


Anantara is a 5-star resort, just north of Layan National Park. A well-used Klong separates these 2 beaches, creating a semi-private beach for the nice resort. But you can drive past the resort and then park near the end of the road to access the northern end of it’s beach.


Kalim is a small town just north of Patong and the sea is very close to the road. So, although it’s a popular place to get street food, it’s not a popular beach. It’s not so big and the cars rushing by are too close. But it is one of Phuket’s beaches and has good views of Patong.


This beach has brought back memories for me as a friend showed me this place 18 years ago. It was a little-known spot where he collected coral that had washed up and a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Patong where we both lived at the time.


The Tavorn Beach resort has to be one of the oldest 5-star resorts on Phuket and gets my vote for the most beautiful. They have so much artwork and different gardens. Very friendly staff served me coffee at their restaurant here. I love this place and it’s the beach resort I would highly recommend it to anyone coming to Phuket for their holiday.


This is the jewel of Phuket I guess. As a local, we almost never go here. It’s usually full of thousands of tourists, touts everywhere, tuk-tuk mafia not allowing you to park anywhere, etc. But today, during the Covid19, It’s a beautiful, uncrowded, clean yet decorated beach.


The next day, I stayed close to home and decided to measure Ao Sane’s 2 beaches. Ao Sane is a small, rustic, old-style resort where you can still rent small bungalows right on the beach. They are a bit run down, however. 2 beaches of note here.


Came here a week ago but the tide was about halfway, so the security guards wouldn’t let me on the beach. They are protecting the beach for TriTrang beach resort, even though they presently have no guests (I asked). I went back today at low tide and counted 7 security guards spaced along the way of this 780 meter beach.


Just south of Kata beach is the smaller “Kata Noi” beach. (“noi” meaning “small” in Thai language). You must enter in the middle as this is the only legal beach access unless you are a guest of KataThani resort. Many would think that the resort controls all the beach access, but there is a small alleyway in the middle that is considered public land and access.


Paradise Beach. I’ve heard a lot about this beach but had never been there although I thought perhaps I had about 20 years ago. Wrong. Found out you must take a shuttle down from the parking lot at the top. Of course, I walked instead. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and saw this beautiful scene in front of me with only 3 other people.


Came here a week ago but the tide was about halfway, so the security guards wouldn’t let me on the beach. They are protecting the beach for TriTrang beach resort, even though they presently have no guests (I asked). I went back today at low tide and counted 7 security guards spaced along the way of this 780 meter beach.


Since I jog Nai Harn beach almost every morning and again in the evening, well, it gets a little boring doing the same route every day. I probably have jogged this beach over 500 times in the 20 years I’ve been here in Phuket now.


I always thought that these were 2 separate beaches, but found out the hard way that they are one long continuous beach. The reason I say: “the hard way” is because I did this one before band practice nearby to the northern end of Layan beach. Got there an hour early on a day that was NOT supposed to rain.


This beach has been a real challenge for me. The Trisara resort is one of the most prestigious on our island of Phuket with beautiful views of the Andaman sea as it is set on a cliff with all villas and rooms with seaviews. This place is quite expensive so I was expecting an awesome beach. (especially after the last one; White Sands Beach).


Although I’ve driven past this beach many times, I never really walked it. The beach here is quite wide with beautiful white sand. Today there were about 10 or 12 people on the beach and lifeguards were on duty. It was hot at 2 PM. After parking near the south end, and the lifeguard stand, I took some pictures and enjoyed the walk/run at the extra-wide beach as it was low tide now.


Today is May 5, 2021, and I finally figured out a way to measure this somewhat private beach. I borrowed a friend’s kayak and although it was quite heavy, after loading it up at his house in Rawai, I drove up to Naithon beach’s south end and drug it down through the sand to the water.


Continuing with my quest to measure all the beaches (west coast anyway) of Phuket after a long break, I finally got back to the task. Because back in late November 2020, while trying to get around the rocky peninsula to measure the beach at the high end “Trisara Resort” I fractured a small bone in my knee.


I’m not sure if that’s the name of this one, as there are 2 resorts on the beach, both very impressive and high-end places to stay. I believe the Amanpuri has the reputation for being the most prestigious. I’ve heard stories that the staff there is taught not to make eye contact with the guests.


Next up is a beach I’ve never been to before and wasn’t sure how to get there as there was a sign and a security guard at the trailhead saying “Private Land, Keep Out!” I stopped and talked to the guard and he told me the trail is closed but the beach is open and there’s a trail from Surin beach.


Continuing north, next of course is Surin Beach. Known for the many many food vendors that set up here every day. Not on the beach but about 20 meters up and across the small road there. I’ve often stopped here for Thai food or fruit shakes in my travels and it’s a nice setting, and near an old Wat.

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