“Rusty Nail”

Kim before the incident

Since you enjoy some of my stories, let me relate one to you that Kim, (my good friend here) told me last night over chocolate brownies with chocolate ice cream along with cafe lattes in an Italian eatery.
(mouth watering but we are going jogging this morning because of it )

She stepped on a small nail at work and couldn’t remember the last
time she got a tetanus shot but thought it was about 5 years ago.
So she went to a clinic nearby. (i had told her to go to the one I started going to).

She went to another and she said it was strange as the so
called Doctor appeared to be only about 10 years old! The girl
(through broken English and Thai, (Kim speaks pretty good Thai but it
is a tough language), told her that she would have to cut open her
foot so that she could clean it properly, and then give her 3 shots,
months apart over a 6 month period, plus a series of anti-biotic
pills. Now, Kim is like, into organic food and no drugs and
won’t take anti-biotics for one thing, so she balked at this kid and
said, excuse me but i have to go outside and make a phone call.

She then called me to ask my opinion and i told her to get out of
there and go see the clinic I go to as the guy is older, friendly,
speaks pretty good English and has a great reputation. So, she went
over there to find that the place was packed with Thai people.
When the receptionist asked what she wanted, she told her and they
said: “Go right in” which got her a little peeved as she doesn’t
like preferential treatment over poor Thai people. She got in to
talk to the Doctor (Dr. Titi is his name) She said: “Do i have
to have my foot cut open? He said no. “Do i have to have a
series of 3 shots over a 6 month period? He said no. Do i have
to take antibiotics? He said no. “You only need a tetanus
booster but unfortunately, I am out of it.”

Not knowing where else to turn, she left there (no charge) and went
back to the original place where she asked the 10 year old if she
could just get a tetanus booster. She said: “yes, we can do
that” Kim asked how much it would cost as she only had 600 baht with her. (that’s about $15.) They said they’d do it for 600 baht.
She had it done, she said it hurt like hell and she wasn’t happy about
the 10 year old sticking anything in her body and never had pain from
a shot like that before.


But then she went to pay and they told her 1,000 baht. She said, wait a minute, and went back inside where the (supposed) doctor wasn’t sure of the price now and called someone and they said it was 100 baht.

At this point Kim said she looked down and noticed with shock that the young doctor had her shoes on the wrong feet!!!


Now quite scared, Kim went out to pay again and they now said: 220 baht. She said, wait a minute, they said it was 100 baht. they said: “That was for the medicine, plus the doctors fee, plus the clinic fee of 20 baht.”

Kim paid the 220 and got out of there and came to see me and made me take her out for chocolate to treat her after such a scary ordeal.

So, even though we live in paradise, it has its trials sometimes.
We often say; “The book has already been written” but really, i
should start a blog and write it again! (hey i did!)

Have a good day. fiddlehead