Surin Beach

Continuing north, next of course is Surin Beach. Known for the many many food vendors that set up here every day. Not on the beach but about 20 meters up and across the small road there. I’ve often stopped here for Thai food or fruit shakes in my travels and it’s a nice setting, and near an old Wat. 

I’ve heard stories that the Thai King; Rama IX, played golf here and so, it is considered sacred land as of course he is highly revered in Thailand. Some see him as divine.

It was a hot day when I explored Surin beach and there’s no shade near the water. Not many people again. I consider myself quite lucky to be exploring these beautiful beaches when they are so empty of people and more of a natural environment. A few fishermen again and not many beach sun-seekers.

I liked the north end the best as it was closer to a natural environment and there were 2 people fishing there that looked like they were staying a camper van parked nearby. ( a bit of a rarity in Thailand) 

Surin Beach length 890 meters

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