10 Commandments for Ultra-lite Backpacking

Fiddlehead’s 10 commandments for light weight hiking on the AT. (Appalacian Trail) in answer to the question: “So what are your 10 commandments for UL hiking?” 1/ Every item shall be used daily or it shall be left behind. 2/ All of your life you must search for anything out there in the world thatContinue reading “10 Commandments for Ultra-lite Backpacking”

My Gear List for Lightweight Backpacking

Cold weather & Warm weather hiking Gear List The gear we carry varies depending on the weather, temperature, how many days we’re between supply points, etc. Keep in mind this is for lightweight backpacking and we are geared to move fast. Our goal usually is to complete one of the big 3 in the US.Continue reading “My Gear List for Lightweight Backpacking”