Trekking in Nepal-Annapurna Video and More!

I’ve been to Nepal 6 or 7 times and have written about some of those treks in past posts on here. However, the last time I was there, we made a video, or documentary if you will, of that trip. We not only did the Annapurna circuit, but we also deviated from that trek nearContinue reading “Trekking in Nepal-Annapurna Video and More!”

Logs from Appalacian Trail portion of our Triple Crown in One Year attempt 2001/2002

Since many people ask me about this trip that we did 8 years ago in the USA’s 3 longest hiking trails, here are our journal entries for the first leg of that journey: The Appalacian Trail. We started out from Mt. Katahdin in Maine (northern terminus of the AT) on Oct 14, 2001 and finishedContinue reading “Logs from Appalacian Trail portion of our Triple Crown in One Year attempt 2001/2002”

Guidebook for Phuket High Trail Section A

  After 14 days or so of exploring and picking routes and then getting my new GPS (Garmin 60 CSX) and going out and hiking the first 15 kms., it is time to write some form of guidebook entry while it is fresh in my mind. We went out 2 days ago (Sunday Sept 21st)Continue reading “Guidebook for Phuket High Trail Section A”

Trailblazing in Phuket

I am hoping to walk the high peaks and create a hiking route from the southern end of PHuket at Laem Prom Thep to the bridge which forms the northern point at Sarasin bridge.   The crow flies this route in only 30 miles, but i expect my trail, when finished will be about 100 miles.  Continue reading “Trailblazing in Phuket”