Story about our trek in Nepal March, 2004

  Rainman has just left for home and it is quiet enough to write a bit. Pink Floyd on softly, birds chirping outside, no plans till tonight when we go to the monkey temple and gambling. It does feel good to be back in Nepal, a place that I fell in and out of loveContinue reading “Story about our trek in Nepal March, 2004”

Around 3 8,000 meter peaks in Nepal

Well, here I am back in Kathmandu after our 33-day trek into some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! We left here on April 23rd (3 of us) with 5 Sherpa guides/porters to carry our 25 days food and cooking gear, cooking tent, and of course enough food and clothing for them too!Continue reading “Around 3 8,000 meter peaks in Nepal”