My thru-hike of Sweden’s: Kungsleden Trail

The Kungsleden Trail, or “King’s Trail” in Swedish, has been on my list for some time.  (My list keeps growing from all the people I meet, and their stories of other trails each time I hike though) I hiked it just after the Midsummer’s Day, which is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden, whichContinue reading “My thru-hike of Sweden’s: Kungsleden Trail”

Trekking to the “Roof of Indochina”: Mt. Fansipan

At 3,143 metres (10,312 ft), Fansipan peak is the highest point in Indochina.   That means Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. I don’t know why, but figured this would be an easy hike for me to get my climbing muscles back in shape for an upcoming hike in Taiwan.    Well, now I’m worried because this hikeContinue reading “Trekking to the “Roof of Indochina”: Mt. Fansipan”

Via Dinarica White Trail Part 3: Montenegro & Albania

    This is the 3rd and final entry on Glenn and Ray’s thru-hike of the Via Dinarica White Trail 2017.   Started in Predjama, Slovenia July 3rd.     And finished…………well, read on. Montenegro    August 13/2017  We entered Montenegro, according to the GPS, in a low point, mixed forest and meadow,  and then came to a beautifulContinue reading “Via Dinarica White Trail Part 3: Montenegro & Albania”

Via Dinarica White Trail Part 2: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia / Herzegovina July 30th  (27th day since the start in Predjama, Slovenia) Slovenia and Croatia had been great, but we were ready for some bigger mountains and more rugged country.     So, we entered our 3rd country on the Via Dinarica: Bosnia/Herzegovina!  (simplified in this writeup to simply “Bosnia”) But first, I have toContinue reading “Via Dinarica White Trail Part 2: Bosnia & Herzegovina”

Trekking in Nepal-Annapurna Video and More!

I’ve been to Nepal 6 or 7 times and have written about some of those treks in past posts on here. However, the last time I was there, we made a video, or documentary if you will, of that trip. We not only did the Annapurna circuit, but we also deviated from that trek nearContinue reading “Trekking in Nepal-Annapurna Video and More!”

Highest Point in Phuket

Being a Geography buff, and living in Phuket, I see as much of this beautiful island as I can. Did a little research and saw that Mai Thao Sip Song Mountain was the highest point on the island.  It is the one just east of Patong and west of Wat Chalong with the big golf ballContinue reading “Highest Point in Phuket”

Guidebook Entry 2 for Phuket High Trail Section B

After hiking the first part of the trail 2 weeks ago from the southern tip of Phuket at Prom Thep to the top of the mountain at Big Buddha, today we continued the walk on what i will call section B from Big Buddha to Patong. Since our trail is being designed as a “highContinue reading “Guidebook Entry 2 for Phuket High Trail Section B”

Guidebook for Phuket High Trail Section A

  After 14 days or so of exploring and picking routes and then getting my new GPS (Garmin 60 CSX) and going out and hiking the first 15 kms., it is time to write some form of guidebook entry while it is fresh in my mind. We went out 2 days ago (Sunday Sept 21st)Continue reading “Guidebook for Phuket High Trail Section A”