Trisara Beach

This beach has been a real challenge for me. The Trisara resort is one of the most prestigious on our island of Phuket with beautiful views of the Andaman sea as it is set on a cliff with all villas and rooms with seaviews. This place is quite expensive so I was expecting an awesome beach. (especially after the last one; White Sands Beach).

A little explanation why it was a challenge, the 5 star resorts are high on security and you can’t just enter from the road. When I attempted to clamor over the rocks back in November, well, that’s when I broke a bone (hairline fracture) in my fibula bone. The doctor said I’m getting too old for this rock hopping. So, the kayak idea was a necessity.

I had been to the restaurant before at a wedding and it was impressive. But the beach was small, fairly steep with lots of broken coral and rocks. 

Trisara Beach 266 meters long

So, it’s not a good walking beach and the attractions are the pool and beach chairs up under the trees I guess.

I saw they had a few customers who were using the pool so I took a quick picture and headed back to the kayak for the return trip to Anantara resort.

On the way back, the winds picked up and of course were against me. This resort had it in for me and I doubt I’ll be heading back to that one. Also, I had to pay a Thai worker to help me get the heavy boat back up to my truck.

Even though I have 2 more beaches to measure on the west side of Phuket, I am going to publish what I have as of today, May 06, 2021 and update as I add Nai Yang Beach and eventually Mai Khao beach. (since Phuket is locked down from PrangNga at the moment, I am going to stay away from that part of the island) Stay tuned! And Thanks for watching.

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