White Sand Beach

Today is May 5, 2021, and I finally figured out a way to measure this somewhat private beach.
I borrowed a friend’s kayak and although it was quite heavy, after loading it up at his house in Rawai, I drove up to Naithon beach’s south end and drug it down through the sand to the water. After putting my phone in a ziplock bag and covering up my head and arms I set off headed south into the beautiful blue seawater.

Didn’t take long to notice a superyacht anchored not far offshore.

After 1 km of paddling through the sea, I arrived at the empty White Sand Beach. Beautiful! After turning on my tracking apps (I use two, both “Geotracker” and “Orux Maps” and found this beach to be 299 meters long. No sign of anyone so far but it looked great as there were many bungalows right ON THE BEACH!

White Sand Beach 299 meters long

I thought they were all empty, but after returning to my kayak, I saw 2 jet skis coming into the beach from the superyacht. 

And then there were 4 people walking down the beach to meet them. One man got on one and away they went, back to the big boat. Then a child and woman got on another one for the 2nd jetski. They made a return trip for 2 more people just as I was getting back in my kayak for my return to the Naithon and my truck. They passed me taking the young woman on one and a man on the other. I stuck out my thumb as if to hitchhike and she laughed and waved.

My friend Roger, who lent me the kayak told me to try standing up on the thing as you can use it as a stand up paddleboard. So, I tried it and didn’t really have my sea legs so it was a little scary at first but you could see the bottom easily in this crystal clean blue water and I paddled most of the way back this way. Good fun. The hard part was dragging the heavy boat back up through the sand to my truck. 

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