Lockdown Videos by me

What have you been doing during “Lockdown”

I’m one that get’s bored easily.  So I knew I had to come up with something constructive for my time without being able to travel.
Since I consider myself a musician, besides being a hiker and traveler, I decided to fulfill a lifetime goal of getting my music covers recorded and put on the “net”

YouTube is probably the best way to do this so, I started recording some videos directly into the camera.    I found that the camera takes good pictures and videos, but poor audio quality.
I then built a small studio in a spare bedroom and started recording.

But, why not incorporate pictures and videos of my trips to fit the songs lyrics.

It’s been fun and I am presently at #89  DAYS IN A ROW!

Yes, I haven’t missed a day yet and I have to tell you, the hardest part is finding and getting the right pictures into the video editing process.

I use Adobe Audition for the recording with an external 2 track sound card.
And I’m using Wevideo.com for my video editing.      It’s an online video editing page and you have to pay for it.    But I’m now pretty used to it and it does have a lot of features.

So, click on this link  To see my youtube channel.

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