Welcome World to my “Open-Minded” online Diary/Blog


I’ll try again.   I had a blog going on blogger and 3 days ago, all the login info started appearing in another language.   I worked on the problem for a few days and finally decided to go elsewhere where i could find better support and a way to log in.

I will be importing some posts from that blog as it is my diary and things i have written about over the past few years.     I am glad to see we can seemingly have a lot of freedom with WordPress.      I am tired of places on the net anymore with all of these moderators and wannabee cops closing threads, editing posts, etc. because it doesn’t fit their standards or business interests.       Hopefully that is not going to be going on as much over here.

OK, i do have a recent story that was told to me by my best friend here in Thailand last night and will post it next.        Enjoy my stories!     fh