Suggestions for saving money.

I have more suggestions for saving money. Walk to work or ride a bicycle or motorcycle.   (not just to work but the grocery store, the PO, bank, etc.) Wear long underwear all winter long and turn the heat down. Plant a garden and grow mostly vegetables (flowers are nice but my Thai wife taught meContinue reading “Suggestions for saving money.”

Story about our trek in Nepal March, 2004

  Rainman has just left for home and it is quiet enough to write a bit. Pink Floyd on softly, birds chirping outside, no plans till tonight when we go to the monkey temple and gambling. It does feel good to be back in Nepal, a place that I fell in and out of loveContinue reading “Story about our trek in Nepal March, 2004”

Pyrenees High Route (our journey across the frontier)

Beach Tour ’99 (Our Adventure on the Pyrenees High Route) The Pyrenees High Route extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea along the ‘Crest’ of the Pyrenees June 23rd, 1999 Arriving in Paris after air hitching from JFK in New York City on a shoestring budget, my friend Pieps (Brian Piepergerdes) and IContinue reading “Pyrenees High Route (our journey across the frontier)”

5 Dollar Frank

This is one of the many stories about $5 Frank from Fayetteville, WV. He owned the Fayetteville airport there for many years and flew tourists for as cheap as $5 to sightsee the famous New River Arch Bridge in the area. This is the longest or deepest arch bridge in the world and closes downContinue reading “5 Dollar Frank”

Short Band stories

Mostly through the seventies and 80’s, I played in a rock and roll band.   Many interesting stories have been told over the years,  I’ll try to keep it clean and tell you a few of them.       The time we had an attempted robbery on our speakers WHILE WE WERE PLAYING!     We wereContinue reading “Short Band stories”