Illegal Immigrants and some possible solutions.

I don’t like that word “aliens”. I always think about something form outer space. Let’s call them illegal immigrants, aye? I’m talking about the people who come across the border from Mexico with hopes of finding some better paying jobs in the US.

I don’t know how much it happens. I do know that some of the work these people do is necessary and difficult. For example: picking fruit and vegetables and general farm labor, especially in hot climates. This is hard work but sometimes the only way to get things done is by hand and I know Americans don’t want to do it. Also, landscaping, food service (washing dishes, busboy, cooks), construction jobs in hot climates. This is not only tough work in hot climates but low paying jobs also. I worked on farms, it’s not easy and I don’t have the strong back that it requires anymore. Yet, i love to eat fruit and vegetables.

So, what are some things that can be done about the problem? Obviously, we can’t feed, hospitalize, educate, and/or transport these people who come here illegally as most of them do not even pay any taxes.

Here’s what the govt. of Thailand does about the Burmese laborers who come over here to work and send money home: (legal or non legal is the same rules)
Burmese cannot ride on a motorcycle or inside a truck or car (they get shuttled around by their employers in the back of a truck OR they walk)
Burmese cannot talk on or use a cell phone
Burmese cannot own land (neither can anyone who is not Thai)
Burmese are NOT allowed out after 8 PM (unless accompanied by their employer
Most of them live in makeshift shacks built from discarded building materials with NO running water or electricity. they rarely talk to anyone except when necessary

Of course, many compare this to slavery and perhaps rightly so. But they still come here in droves as it is still better than in their country.
I don’t know what the answers are, but education is a key one for sure.

I live in a different country than i was born in.  I live in Thailand where the government is making it harder and harder for us expats to stay here also.  Every year the hoops you have to jump through are higher and harder and there’s more of them.     They only want the rich expats and are making you tie up a lot of money in Thai banks at very little interest to enable you to stay.

So the problems are not only in America.   I hear the same from my Swedish friends, and the UK has too many immigrants also.

These are tough problems that once again I attribute to simply too many people on the planet. I think perhaps the Chinese idea of one child per couple is not a bad one, aye?
You can’t blame people for wanting to speak their own language. I was at a party with many nationalities last night and the Russian’s stayed in their own little group. WOW, they have some hot women! (of course me and my friends spoke English. The Thai’s had to also if they wanted to communicate with us and sell us their wares)

These problems are all over the world, not just in Florida or San Diego or Brownsville TX. Answers are not easy.