Road Trip Thailand 2009 Part 5 (Final)

  Leaving Chiang Mai after 2 nights stay, we drove up north to Mae Sai which is the most northerly  point in Thailand and very crowded with shoppers just south of the Friendship Bridge to Burma (Myamar) Thum had been looking for a wicker table and we found one here as well as a niceContinue reading “Road Trip Thailand 2009 Part 5 (Final)”

Phuket Road Trip 2009

Road trip, January 2009 We left Phuket on Saturday, Jan 3rd around 7 AM. That first day was pretty uneventful as we just drove as far north as we could, stopping in Cha-am after 12 hours of driving.   Traffic was tough as many people were heading home after the holidays. But Cha-am was great asContinue reading “Phuket Road Trip 2009”