Back to blogging about some good hill walks in southern Phuket.

Haven’t written for quite some time. (I see it’s been over 2 years! Ouch!) That doesn’t mean I haven’t been walking. I did go on a 1263km hike this past summer with my friend Ray “Wall” Greenlaw in the Balkan peninsula:  Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania I will write that up soon. But thisContinue reading “Back to blogging about some good hill walks in southern Phuket.”

5 km Nature trail between Bang Pae waterfall and Ton Sai waterfall.

After reading in the newspaper a few weeks ago about a German couple who had to be rescued, along with their guide, from their hike between Bang Pae waterfall and Ton Sai waterfall, I figured it’s about time I go complete this trail and see how hard it is to follow. I’ve been up inContinue reading “5 km Nature trail between Bang Pae waterfall and Ton Sai waterfall.”

Back to the high route trail of Phuket after a year off.

Feb 26, 2012 OK, was back out there two days ago and once again, this trail is just tough. I don’t mind that I’m now in the most remote part of the whole island (just south-east of the airport in the high mountains to the east driving up), and it now takes me 2 hoursContinue reading “Back to the high route trail of Phuket after a year off.”

Attacked by a Gibbon monkey

As some may know from reading past posts on this blog, I have been trailblazing a hiking trail on the island of Phuket here for the past 2 1/2 years.   I have been putting a route over the high peaks of the many mountains here that when completed, will go from Prom Thep CapeContinue reading “Attacked by a Gibbon monkey”

Best Views in Phuket

The word “Phuket” comes from a Malay word “bukit” meaning Mountain.   It is a very mountainous island approximately 30 kms long by 7 kms wide. I live near the southern tip of Phuket, in Rawai, so many of these locations are more towards that end of the island. I also enjoy hiking in theContinue reading “Best Views in Phuket”

Laguna’s 4th annual Phuket Marathon

So, i just finished my 4th  “Run Paradise” Marathon at Laguna yesterday. I am a bit sore today of course. I would like to say it is a professionally run venue with a lot of thought put into every aspect. Medical teams were spaced on the course, aid stations were well stocked and plentiful withContinue reading “Laguna’s 4th annual Phuket Marathon”

LOSO Concert last night at Phuket Brewery

My favorite rock & roll band in Thailand played last night at the newly opened Phuket Brewery across from Tesco Lotus. 2 of my good friends and fellow rock and roll lovers, Kim and Cathy went along with me.  I had checked the website for the newest venue for hosting big groups, the Phuket BreweryContinue reading “LOSO Concert last night at Phuket Brewery”

Phuket High Trail Heroines’ Monument to Kathu

March 10, 2009 Well today i went out and had probaby my toughest day yet.   I am getting further and further away from home (Rawai) and have to drive about 40 minutes now to start. I went out for 2 days on the motorbike looking for an easier way into where i had leftContinue reading “Phuket High Trail Heroines’ Monument to Kathu”

Highest Point in Phuket

Being a Geography buff, and living in Phuket, I see as much of this beautiful island as I can. Did a little research and saw that Mai Thao Sip Song Mountain was the highest point on the island.  It is the one just east of Patong and west of Wat Chalong with the big golf ballContinue reading “Highest Point in Phuket”

Phuket High Trail Continued into 2009

Feb 16, 2009 Ah success.  Finally after 7 days of working to find a way around the big mountain with the big ball (Sip Song is what is called on Google Earth which means 15).   It is a radar station for the military so restricted.  And I have now spent a lot of timeContinue reading “Phuket High Trail Continued into 2009”