Rate Your Hiking Ability

Ok, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and finally got it finished. I invited a few of my more experienced hiking friends to help out and we made some changes to this final rendition.

This quiz if for experienced hikers.  I say that because if you don’t have more than a few hundred miles of hiking experience, you will probably not do well.

Unfortunately, the software wouldn’t allow me to create my own ranges at the end.
An average score turns out to be around 25%     The highest score so far has been around 70%

You may not agree with all of the questions and how they relate to hiking experience.  I feel they do although will admit that I added a few questions related to mileage because the software rates each question only to a +or- 6.   So, sorry for the repeat questions near the end but it is required for a topic that i feel is most important:    EXPERIENCE!

So, please click  HERE to take the test, or quiz, or whatever you want to call it.

Feedback welcome!    Enjoy.



  • Six
    April 2, 2009

    What’s the point of this quiz? What difference does it make if, say, Andrew Skurka wasn’t special forces and hasn’t done a long distance kayak trip — how would that make him less a hiker?

    And besides, what’s the point in ranking hikers anyway? If you’re having a good time, who cares. People are competitive enough as it is.


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