New Zealand hiking Jan/Feb 2020

This country has been on my list for quite a few years now but didn’t get the chance to hike it with anyone I knew until 2 of my good long distance hiking friends from the US told me they were going. Jan/Feb is not a good time for me to get away but, IContinue reading “New Zealand hiking Jan/Feb 2020”

My thru-hike of Sweden’s: Kungsleden Trail

The Kungsleden Trail, or “King’s Trail” in Swedish, has been on my list for some time.  (My list keeps growing from all the people I meet, and their stories of other trails each time I hike though) I hiked it just after the Midsummer’s Day, which is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden, whichContinue reading “My thru-hike of Sweden’s: Kungsleden Trail”

Bukit Lawang, Northern Sumatra. Orangutan trekking and more.

Living in Thailand has it’s advantages.  Oftentimes the budget airlines have incredible deals and if you catch them at the right time, you have so many choices for traveling to exotic places. This time it was Malaysian air with a 45% off sale until the end of August (booking period, not travel period) For $200,Continue reading “Bukit Lawang, Northern Sumatra. Orangutan trekking and more.”

Wuling Sixiu Mountain trekking trip

  I’ve wanted to visit Taiwan ever since one of my good friends told me that it was her favorite place in Asia. And I like new and exciting places to hike. So, after some research, I planned to hike the Sixiu (4 mountains) of Wuling farm fame. Wuling farm is a jump off pointContinue reading “Wuling Sixiu Mountain trekking trip”

Hill Tribe Homestay trek, Sapa Vietnam

When you first start researching Sapa, a touristy town in the hills of northern Vietnam, most of the people who travel there are backpackers who do the “Homestay’ trek with the Hill tribe people. There are 4 or 5 different hill tribes in the area. I have been fascinated with the Hmong people ever sinceContinue reading “Hill Tribe Homestay trek, Sapa Vietnam”

Trekking to the “Roof of Indochina”: Mt. Fansipan

At 3,143 metres (10,312 ft), Fansipan peak is the highest point in Indochina.   That means Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. I don’t know why, but figured this would be an easy hike for me to get my climbing muscles back in shape for an upcoming hike in Taiwan.    Well, now I’m worried because this hikeContinue reading “Trekking to the “Roof of Indochina”: Mt. Fansipan”

Hiking in Tasmania: Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Friends of ours moved to Tasmania about 2 years ago and invited my family to come for a visit. I was always fascinated with “Tassie” and it has been on my bucket list for some time.  So I immediately started research hiking in Tasmania and was at first drawn to the southern coast and theContinue reading “Hiking in Tasmania: Walls of Jerusalem National Park”

Via Dinarica White Trail Part 3: Montenegro & Albania

    This is the 3rd and final entry on Glenn and Ray’s thru-hike of the Via Dinarica White Trail 2017.   Started in Predjama, Slovenia July 3rd.     And finished…………well, read on. Montenegro    August 13/2017  We entered Montenegro, according to the GPS, in a low point, mixed forest and meadow,  and then came to a beautifulContinue reading “Via Dinarica White Trail Part 3: Montenegro & Albania”

Via Dinarica White Trail Part 2: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia / Herzegovina July 30th  (27th day since the start in Predjama, Slovenia) Slovenia and Croatia had been great, but we were ready for some bigger mountains and more rugged country.     So, we entered our 3rd country on the Via Dinarica: Bosnia/Herzegovina!  (simplified in this writeup to simply “Bosnia”) But first, I have toContinue reading “Via Dinarica White Trail Part 2: Bosnia & Herzegovina”