Hiking in Tasmania: Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Friends of ours moved to Tasmania about 2 years ago and invited my family to come for a visit. I was always fascinated with “Tassie” and it has been on my bucket list for some time.  So I immediately started research hiking in Tasmania and was at first drawn to the southern coast and theContinue reading “Hiking in Tasmania: Walls of Jerusalem National Park”

Back in the Jungle, near Chaeng Talay.

It’s been a while but since completing the 5 1/2 year project of routing a trail through the high points of the island of Phuket, I hadn’t been up in the jungles for a while.   And I missed it. Here is the blog post  that describes the final year or two of finishing thatContinue reading “Back in the Jungle, near Chaeng Talay.”

Trekking in Nepal-Annapurna Video and More!

I’ve been to Nepal 6 or 7 times and have written about some of those treks in past posts on here. However, the last time I was there, we made a video, or documentary if you will, of that trip. We not only did the Annapurna circuit, but we also deviated from that trek nearContinue reading “Trekking in Nepal-Annapurna Video and More!”

Story about our trek in Nepal March, 2004

  Rainman has just left for home and it is quiet enough to write a bit. Pink Floyd on softly, birds chirping outside, no plans till tonight when we go to the monkey temple and gambling. It does feel good to be back in Nepal, a place that I fell in and out of loveContinue reading “Story about our trek in Nepal March, 2004”