Road Trip Thailand 2009 Part 2

  After looking at the map, we decided to head upriver to the famous “Bridge Over the River Kwai” where over one hundred thousand soldiers and Thai coolies died during WW II building this railroad bridge to Burma.     First we went to the cemetery which was immaculately groomed and well kept about a half mileContinue reading “Road Trip Thailand 2009 Part 2”

Guidebook Entry 2 for Phuket High Trail Section B

After hiking the first part of the trail 2 weeks ago from the southern tip of Phuket at Prom Thep to the top of the mountain at Big Buddha, today we continued the walk on what i will call section B from Big Buddha to Patong. Since our trail is being designed as a “highContinue reading “Guidebook Entry 2 for Phuket High Trail Section B”

Blocked Ear and the different alternatives I found here.

Last week we had the annual water festival here in Phuket called “Songkran”. It is actually the Thai new year and probably the countries biggest holiday. It is a lot of fun with everyone out on the streets throwing water at each other and thousands of pickup trucks full of people of all ages drivingContinue reading “Blocked Ear and the different alternatives I found here.”

My Experience with Krabi Hospital

  This whole horror started for me when i was having a nice holiday with my family over at Railay Beach near Krabi and our good friend Jah, came to our room holding her stomach and crying saying she needed to go to the hospital. Now Railay is like an island in that you needContinue reading “My Experience with Krabi Hospital”