Guidebook Entry 2 for Phuket High Trail Section B

After hiking the first part of the trail 2 weeks ago from the southern tip of Phuket at Prom Thep to the top of the mountain at Big Buddha, today we continued the walk on what i will call section B from Big Buddha to Patong. Since our trail is being designed as a “highContinue reading “Guidebook Entry 2 for Phuket High Trail Section B”

Trailblazing in Phuket

I am hoping to walk the high peaks and create a hiking route from the southern end of PHuket at Laem Prom Thep to the bridge which forms the northern point at Sarasin bridge.   The crow flies this route in only 30 miles, but i expect my trail, when finished will be about 100 miles.  Continue reading “Trailblazing in Phuket”