5 km Nature trail between Bang Pae waterfall and Ton Sai waterfall.

After reading in the newspaper a few weeks ago about a German couple who had to be rescued, along with their guide, from their hike between Bang Pae waterfall and Ton Sai waterfall, I figured it’s about time I go complete this trail and see how hard it is to follow. I’ve been up inContinue reading “5 km Nature trail between Bang Pae waterfall and Ton Sai waterfall.”

Phuket High Trail Continued into 2009

Feb 16, 2009 Ah success.  Finally after 7 days of working to find a way around the big mountain with the big ball (Sip Song is what is called on Google Earth which means 15).   It is a radar station for the military so restricted.  And I have now spent a lot of timeContinue reading “Phuket High Trail Continued into 2009”

Guidebook for Phuket High Trail Section A

  After 14 days or so of exploring and picking routes and then getting my new GPS (Garmin 60 CSX) and going out and hiking the first 15 kms., it is time to write some form of guidebook entry while it is fresh in my mind. We went out 2 days ago (Sunday Sept 21st)Continue reading “Guidebook for Phuket High Trail Section A”

Trailblazing in Phuket

I am hoping to walk the high peaks and create a hiking route from the southern end of PHuket at Laem Prom Thep to the bridge which forms the northern point at Sarasin bridge.   The crow flies this route in only 30 miles, but i expect my trail, when finished will be about 100 miles.  Continue reading “Trailblazing in Phuket”